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Energy Healing Therapies



At Connemara Healing my aim is to try to assist you with

 emotional, mental and spiritual support at a time when you

may find yourself feeling a little lost in the world.

  Be it stress, depressed feelings or just a needing to be uplifted or receive guidance from a higher source, I am here to try to help you achieve this.

Are you looking to make lifestyle changes or on the path of personal development and have realised that the answers are within, not ‘out there’ in the material world.

Through varying techniques my aim is to provide support and spiritual guidance. 

My intention is to offer support through my IET, my Reiki Energy Healing my Crystal Therapy and my Lifeskills work to help you on your life journey and personal path on this earth, whatever that may be.


Integrated Energy Therapy

Reiki Healing

Crystal Healing

Chakra Balancing

Lifeskills Coaching


Relaxation/Breathing Techniques

Stress Management Workshops


Kahuna A R C H

Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing



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What is I.E.T?


Integrated Energy Therapy was developed by Steven J. Thayer in the Centre of Being in America.

It uses the violet Angelic energy ray, as brought to us by the nine healing angels of the energy field.  It is one of the next generations of power energy therapy systems.


I.E.T supports you in safely and gently releasing energy patterns that no longer serve you.  It empowers and balances your life in the present and helps you evolve into your future. 


I.E.T works via an integration channel flowing through the body which serves to rebalance the body’s cellular memory, removing suppressed feelings from the cellular memory and clearing their associated energy blockages.  It also imprints positive energy statements to empower you in the present to move away from self sabotaging situations.


Unlike Reiki, which works from the Physical layer of the energy field outwards, IET works from the Spiritual layer of the energy field inwards. 


This means that it is not necessary for the individual to re-experience emotional trauma as it is released as sometimes occurs in a Reiki session.  This is because it is released on a deeper level which we are not consciously aware of.


Sessions last from approximately 45 minutes for a basic session, increasing to up to 1 hour 30 minutes for an advanced session.  Sessions are offered depending on individual preference or need.  Some people have difficult issues to clear whereas others may use I.E.T as an uplifting experience or to further develop themselves.


Vision Boards are useful tools used in I.E.T.  These are visual boards (usually cork boards or something similar) which individuals place pictures or words onto to illustrate where they would like to be, what they would like to achieve in the coming year.  Goals and ideal situations are placed on them in order for the individual to focus on them and align their energies with them and create their own realities for the future.


Vision Boards are usually discussed and clients are encouraged to make their own to bring to the advanced sessions to further assist life progress.  

It is important to note that  I.E.T in no way replaces advice or treatment given by a medical practitioner. 


Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.


Love & Light

 Norah Coyne – Consultations & Appointments 087-0563411



Norah Coyne Healer and Facilitator

Crystal and Angel Healer IET

Spiritual Aromatherapist

ARCH Therapy/Soul Healing – Connecting to the Divine with Gentle Rainbow ARCH Therapy


Inspirational Life Visioning Consultant

Helping you find your true lifes purpose

Meditation and Relaxation Facilitator

Meditation and Relaxation Techniques to Allleviate Stress and Anxieties


Holistic Healing Body Work

Subtle Energy, Sacred Stones, Crystal therapy, IET, Reiki, Chakra Grids and Balancing, Intergrated Energy Therapy, Arch Rainbow Therapy, Massage, Lomi Lomi, Ayurvedic Massage, Shirodhara, Holistic Bodywork, Immunity Care, Special Needs, Baby, Child, Maternity and Pregnancy and much more

 Healing is offered in both Connemara and Galway

The Galway Healing takes place in Health and Herbs in Galway City and the other Healing work is carried out in Connemara in Co Galway

If you want more information on me or IET Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel Healing, ARCH, Reiki, Crystal Therapy or any of my other Healings you can click on the brochure below or call 0870563411 or just drop me an email to

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