Monday, March 30, 2020



Ear Candling Ear candling is used primarily for cleaning the ears and to promote a healthy atmosphere in the ears, sinus cavities and throat. The process can regulate pressure; assist with postnasal drip, sinusitis, catarrh, migraines, some forms of hearing loss, and restoration of equilibrium, relieving tinnitus, vertigo and Meniere’s syndrome. The healing properties of the Hopi ear candle have its foundation in two primary physical actions. Firstly, the slight under pressure (the chimney effect) inside the ear candle and the vibration of the rising air column serve to gently massage the eardrum and promote secretion in the frontal and Para nasal sinuses. This has an immediate subjective effect of regulating ear pressure. Users often describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear/head area. Secondly, the locally applied warmth stimulates vascularisation, invigorates the immune system and reinforces the flow of lymph. At the same time, important acupuncture points and reflex zones are stimulated. The herbs in ear candles have been used for centuries for their specific healing qualities. Ear candling dates back as far as 2500 BC. Used by the Egyptians, the Chinese the Tibetans and other cultures who had the right idea when they practiced ear candling Thousands of years ago. The same was true of the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans who used “cones” in their religious Ceremonies. The following therapies are also available with Norah Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Yoga Stretching, Hot Stone Therapy, Stress Control Massage Programs, Lomi Lomi Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing, Tailor Made Massage Programs, Natural Facials Norah Coyne, MTI, ITEC, IMTA, CIMI, MICHT, ARCHTI Lettermore, Connemara and Galway Appointments Mob: 087 0563411