Monday, March 30, 2020



Corporate Packages In today’s world of computers, management meetings and deadlines, all too often it is easy to find employees suffering from stress, anxiety, tension and exhaustion. Try massage therapy at work to aid relaxation and re-vitalize employees. Massage improves concentration and clarity of thought and in turn increases productivity. Chair based massage is especially adaptable to the work environment. No oils are used and the recipient remains clothed. My approach combines Swedish, Thai & deep tissue massage techniques, Shiatsu acupressure points, energy holds; Indian Head massage manual lymphatic drainage, stretches and joint & limb manipulation. Packages: Within the office environment, the employee will be away from their desk for approximately 20 minutes. Returning fully revitalized and rejuvenated. The cost is just €30 per treatment. All in One – the company pays for the whole treatment Half and Half – the company pays for part of the treatment while the employee pays the balance The Invitation – the company invites their employees to take advantage of the service being provided, the employee pays for the whole treatment. Galway Massage has been offering  massage therapy for many years and has vast experience in  baby massage and pregnancy massage as well as holistic massage, sports massage, chinese cupping massage, rehabilitation massage, ultrasound massage, deep tissue massage, chair massage, Indian Head Massage,  ayurvedic massage,  immunity care massage, oncology reflexology, aromatherapy massage, pre and post natal massage, GAA massage,  physical therapy and injury and rehabilitation massage as well as healing therapies such as IET, Reiki, ARCH and Angel Therapy. Galway Massage has been based in the Galway area for many years and has recently opened a saturday clinic in Bia Iontach in Spiddal for those people who prefer a weekend appointment.