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Some information on Bioenergy @ Auras with Norah in Galway

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Bio-Energy @ Aura’s with Norah


Bio-Energy Balances out the Body
Helps relieve Pain
Can assist blood circulation if needed
If you are an athlete it can help you to reach peak performance
Can help homeostasis (Balance & Equilibrium in Body Mind & Soul)
A few wonderful ways Bio-Energy can help you help yourself on your healing path!
It is not invasive – You can remain fully clothed – Painless & Drug Free
You can receive it standing, in a chair, on a couch or all three
It is great for all ages from babies to 100
You may feel very powerful feelings an sensations or nothing at all, everyone is different, some people feel tingling, a breeze, a relaxed feeling, there are lots of different feelings from floating to relaxation to a shift to giggling or tears, or nothing at all. You don’t have to feel anything, as the Bio-Energy will still flow.
A typical Session will be around an hour and include a full Consultation
Every session will be tailor made to your specific needs at each session to ensure you receive the best possible treatment.
You can also combine your treatment with Sound Healing (Bio-Sound) if you wish.
For any further information, please call Norah on 087-0563411, Facebook: Norah Coyne or

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