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Sound Bath Dates for Feb and March 2016 with Sound Healing Galway

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Clear the Blockages & Get Back to Being You!




Monday     8th Feb       The Triskel                    Salthill                  730pm

Thursday   18th Feb     Spiddal Wellness         Spiddal                7pm

Sunday       21st Feb     Inner Holistic                Terryland            7pm


Sunday       6th Mar      Moonlodge                   Tuam                   3pm & 5pm-

Monday     7th Mar      The Triskel                    Salthill                 730pm

Thursday   10th Mar    Spiddal Wellness         Spiddal                7pm

Saturday    18th Mar    Brigits Garden              Moycullen           5pm (EQUINOX)

Sunday       20th Mar    Inner Holistic                Terryland            7pm




A 75 min Journey starting with a Chakra Clearing & Relaxation which will help your body become immersed in the Sacred Vibration of Sound Healing. You will remain fully clothed, lying down all cosy with a blanket. Bring Warm socks, and a blanket with you!

The word “bath” in Sound Bath means being “washed” with the sound.

The Sound Bath begins it is usually a very subtle sound and when the time is right, the Sound becomes deeper, as the gong is introduced fully you will feel and hear many different tones as you also may with some of the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls.

Lots of the sounds and vibrations are linked to your different etheric bodies, including your chakras, hormones, organs and glands. The etheric body contains your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body the sound will Travel in between and throughout all of these areas during a Sound Bath.

Whatever happens to you during a Sound Bath is “perfectly right at that particular time” for you.

Just remain open & let the sound be your guide and take you to wherever you need to be!

Enjoy the Sacred Sonic Vibrational Ride! Love Light and Blessings Norah


To Book Contact Norah on 087-0563411


To Book Contact Norah on 087-0563411 – COST €15

sound bath healing with norah coyne in galway
sound bath healing with norah coyne in galway

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