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SOUND BATHS – A Journey into your Soul! by Norah Coyne

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Sound Baths can be on a 1-1 Basis or in a Group, and include a variety of instruments.


When the Sound Bath starts, you will be lying down all snug and cosy with a blanket and pillow. Throughout the Sound Bath you will remain fully clothed except for your shoes.


I will guide you through a Yoga Nidra type meditation, relaxing each body part in turn along with your breath (life force energy.

This will really help your body relax to become immersed in the Sacred Vibration of Sound Healing.

The word “bath” in Sound Bath means being “washed” with the sound.

When the Sound Bath begins it is usually a very subtle sound and when the time is right, the Sound becomes deeper, louder as it intensifies.

When the gong is introduced fully you will feel and hear many different tones as you also may with some of the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls.

Lots of the sounds and vibrations are linked to your different etheric bodies, including your chakras, hormones, organs and glands.

The etheric body contains your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body the sound will travel in between and throughout all of these areas during a Sound Bath.

The sound can carry you “into the past” or “into the future” or “keep you in the present”, to “other dimensions or planes of existence” within “this lifetime or any others”. Sometimes you may feel like you are not travelling at all. None of these are right or wrong, they just are what they are.

Whatever happens to you during a Sound Bath is “perfectly right at that particular time” for you.

Sometimes during a Sound Bath you may laugh or cry, you may snore, you may fall into a deep sleep or feel restless, whatever the feelings you get from the Sound Bath at each particular time, honour the feeling, let it be what it is. know that it is happening for its own universal reason and is part of your souls journey on this planet.

Just remain open and let the sound be your guide and take you to wherever you need to be!

Enjoy the Sacred Sonic Vibrational Ride!

Love Light and Blessings, Namaste

Norah x

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