Saturday, April 4, 2020

Sound Healing Therapy Galway with Norah Coyne


Sound Healing is now available in Galway and Connemara with Norah Coyne

IMG_0940 (2)Sound Baths

Sound Massage

Sound Healing

Crystal Sound Healing

Tibetan Bowl Healing


Tuning Fork Healing Therapy


Gong Clearing and Meditation

The Freedom the Drum can bring

Treatments can be based on one sound healing modality or a combination to really shake your world and bring you the clearance, clarity and freedom you deserve.

Bathe yourself in the powerful energy of the sound and set yourself free


For appointments call Norah on 0870563411, email or facebook

and SOUND Healing Therapy Connemara Galway Ireland (Treatments and Meditations in Connemara and Salthill Galway)