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Sound Healing Case Study by Norah Coyne Published in Rude Health Magazine

The sound of healing Norah Coyne is a Galway-based sound healing practitioner, healing intuitive, physical therapist and teacher. It was during a personal session 10 years ago that she realised the powerful intensity of sound and its benefits and decided to train and research in sound healing therapy. She now works with clients on a […]

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How does a Sound Healing Therapy Session Work Once you arrive in the Centre, I will sit down with you and discuss what is going on with you in your life at this present time, your medical history, any health issues, that may be affecting your mind body and spirit. This will help me and […]

Gong Therapy and Gong Sound Baths with Norah Coyne

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The Gong The Gong can help you on your Healing Journey as the Sound from the Gong travels through the cells and tissues of your body, affecting all of the body systems, especially the nervous system, respiratory and cardiovascular systems. As it works on a cellular level the bones, cells, organ and structure of them […]


Sound Healing Why not try out a session of Sound Healing, its a beautiful healing therapy, I use a mixture of sound, incorporating, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Ocean and Buffalo Drums, Tuning Forks, Gongs, and much more, is a very powerful treatment and can help you clear all sorts of blockages, and bringing you […]