Monday, March 30, 2020

Aura-Soma in Galway with Norah Coyne

AURASOMA in Galway with Norah Coyne


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“You are the Colour that You Choose!”


I am an Advanced Aura-Soma, Registered Level 3 Practitioner based in Connemara and Salthill Galway Ireland

In an Aura-Soma consultation, YOU select the colours and energies that will

reveal a profound and meaningful message about your life’s purpose, direction, gifts and the promise of the future, directly from your own soul!

The origins of using colour as super-conscious awareness and as a mode of self-healing can be traced back to Egyptian and Greek wisdom many thousands of years ago.

The Aura-Soma practice combines ancient knowledge with modern practices of integration.

In your consultation, I may include the correlations between your Aura-Soma choice and Tarot, Numerology, Astrology or Past Life indications.

Each session is completely tailored to you because:


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For Appointments call Norah on 087-0563411

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